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Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

Jul 15, 2019

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It’s evident without appropriate planning, relocating into a new abode is always a risky process, you may end up with your damaged possessions which you have earned from hard work to have a comfortable life in your new home. Shifting with your entire household things is known as one of the stressful tasks which become more complicated when you will have to Pack all your items as it always takes more than your expectation.

We agree that you will be quite sad as you will have to leave the place which you use to call as your home from a long time, but don’t worry there’s also lots of excitement and new opportunities waiting for you at your new place. But before that, you will have to deal with the most hectic tasks of packing your entire possessions safely.

But you’ll be shocked that by following smart precautions while packing your possessions will help you to have a hassle-free relocation, as you can relocate all your essentials without a single scratch, and you can reuse your favorite belongings in your new residence.

  • Declutter your unnecessary items: It’s never a safe step to pack and move your entire household items without sorting the unwanted belongings, as it will increase your shifting budget which can make you more stressed after seeing the surprising bills. As Movers and Packers will provide you estimates after seeing the quality and quantity of your items you need to pack and move in your new residence.


  • Start packing early to avoid last moment hurry: After you are done with decluttering your unwanted things you must not waste your time thinking you can pack all your goods afterward; you will be more hassled moving day due to last moment panic. So, wake up and keep all your items in one place, to pack all them without forgetting anything.



  • Use suitable and robust Boxes: Heavy items such as books, kitchen utensils, electronic appliances should be packed in small boxes, but lightweight items like- pillows, bed sheets, documents, etc. should be placed in large boxes for damage-free relocation. As it becomes difficult for your Packers and Movers  like pune to bangalore packers and movers to carry large boxes that contain heavy items, as they can damage at any moment because of bulky weight items packed inside and your things can go for a toss.


  • Pay Special Attention for Fragile Items: It's obvious you will have lots of fragile items in your home, and you want to lose them at any cost so that you can reuse them in your new abode. Remember to wrap all your fragile items using in bundles of bubble wrap and lots of shredded papers to fill all the empty space in the container which will help them to remain unmoved and undamaged during transit.



  • Label all your packed containers: One of the most common things you must do is to label all your packed boxes, as per which items belong to which room after shifting in your new home so that you can easily recognize which packed containers needs to be unpacked as per your requirement. This smart step you to unpack and rearrange your new house quickly without getting confused.


  • Tape all your boxes accurately: After you have packed and labeled all your boxes properly to move your belongings more safely you must seal all the boxes tightly using durable tapes, wrap the tape around all sides of the containers for extra support.



  • Pack an overnight bag: Packing an overnight bag is always a smart decision for the survival on the big moving day, this carrying bag must contain water, toothbrushes, blankets, and clothes to wear, toiletries, etc. These items will help you and your family to stay prepared until the unpacking of your items is not done in your new residence.


We hope the tips mentioned above will help you to pack all your essentials accurately to have a stress-free shifting time with your dear ones.