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Rfid based automatic presence system

Jul 02, 2019

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The ability to locate and track children is a vital issue for parents and school staff. Identification and tracking can be achieved, with School ERP Software offers the following solution for child safety: RFIDINSYS IS an intelligent attendance system that allows the school and parents to monitor and track students in and out of school, so that children can be monitored and monitored everywhere for their safety at each entrance and exit of the school.




Brief description

This is School RFID attendance system. Parents receive instant SMS notification on their mobile phones as soon as their child enters / leaves school. When the student shows his smart card to the RFID wireless device, he sends an instant SMS to parents to inform "I am at school now.”

According to the designed system, the student will be provided the identity card chip (RFID tag) that is automatically detected by the School Management System at the entrance of the school. The system recognizes the label and sends the notification to the parents and also stores the data in the server for registration and sees real-time attendance on the dashboard everywhere as it is a complete system of web presence. This system of School ERP can be used for both students, teaching and non-teaching staff.


Advantages of school Rfid attendance system technology for schools:

  • The school Rfid attendance system generates a message on the parents' phone to inform them that their child has boarded the bus / reached the school.

  • School Rfid attendance system can be used to automate attendance and save time (teachers should not take attendance manually).

  • School Rfid attendance system tracking system can also be extended to drivers, in which, the driver will have to slip in at the beginning of the journey and at the end

Teachers can stop scanning the rows of desks and have each student shout "Here! At a morning roll call. Instead, small cards, or tags, worn by each student will transmit a unique serial number by radio signal to an electronic reader near the school gate.


Product launch:

The RFID school attendance system is unhindered and automatically arrives the device designed for school, conference, exhibition and other events. School management software

is integrated with the Andea high performance reader and the infrared sensor, can quickly and accurately identify the staff in / out with or without cards. It can identify ISO / IEC 15693 and ISO 18000-3 labels. The largest choice of identification can be up to 120cm (it is referred to for labelling and locating the environment).

The RFID Assist Door is an RFID based wireless automatic school attendance system offering a complete student assistance monitoring solution. It's as simple as the normal ID card. The card is presented to the RFID reader by entering or leaving the school premises. The RFID reader is located in a rehearsal door. As soon as the map is presented, the reader can identify the student, their precise location and time.