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Appjetty|United States

We are a fast growing product development company and we help SMBs and enterprises extend their Magento, Odoo, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM & Dynamics CRM installations with powerful and feature-rich plugins, extensions, themes and apps. Explore our collection of 100+ products and take your business to the next level.

Appjetty is a software products store specializing in extensions and plugins for a host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc. Formerly known as Biztech Store, Appjetty is a trusted name in the world of open plugins and extensions.

AppJett y offers the best magento extensions, modules and plugins that will make your magento store eye-catching, functional and user-friendly.

AppJett y provides some of the best magento extensions available for the platform. Our many years of experience and knowledge in developing magento extensions has led us to create products that will improve your online store on time. Serving customers worldwide, AppJetty is considered the leading provider of the best magento extensions.

      Customers will love it!

       AppJetty developed a huge range of odoo apps & plug-ins and html5 odoo themes for all types of online ecommerce store & openerp website.

AppJetty's Odoo Apps are some of the best selling apps in the Odoo app store. With extensive experience in creating Odoo modules for various businesses, AppJetty will work with you to determine the right way to optimize the functions of your online store.


 AppJetty have a best sugarcrm plugins & add-ons which help you to manage additional applications with in sugarcrm.

Our SugarCRM plugins are easy to integrate and are widely recognized by the developer community. Our SugarCRM modules offer a wide range of tools to automate email, marketing and mobile CRM applications.

      relationships with your customers.

      AppJetty have a best suitecrm plugins & add-ons which help you to manage additional applications with in suitecrm and create strong engagement with your business.

AppJetty offers SuiteCRM automation tools for email marketing and surveys, the CRM mobile app and many other free products for a variety of business requirement.

      relationships with your customers.

       AppJetty offers huge range of super useful wordpress plugins, widgets & add-ons to increase the functionality of your wordpress blog or website.

AppJetty is home to some of the best WordPress plugins. Since we have a high pedigree in e-commerce, our product portfolio includes some of the best WooCommerce plugins. It is widely represented in the distribution and logistics industry for WordPress and WooCommerce plugins.

Explore dynamics crm plugins and experience the most intelligent customer engagement & trust to your business relationships by delivering long term relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 plug-ins developed by AppJetty integrate CRM brightness into your business processes. Our efficient and comprehensive Microsoft 365 add-ins can save you a lot of time for your sales and support representatives, as well as simplify your purchases and inventory management. 

Some of our offers are customer portals, employee portals, Inventory Manager, smart alerts, purchasing assistant, etc. based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 plugins.

       AppJetty offers integration solutions for magento, sugarcrm, suitecrm, odoo, xero, quickbooks accounting software, zoho & dynamics crm,

       woocommerce to manage stores better.

Customer satisfaction is an essential thing for which businesses work day and night to achieve. Understanding your customers, solving their problems, fulfilling their expectations all put together lead to sa…

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Employees form a crucial part of an organization. As long as you don’t know what your employees think about your organization, policies, and regulations, you can’t gauge the level of satisfaction…

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated and republished with the updated information to add more value. As per a study, 17% of customers in the US will stop interacting with a company after just …

Resource. Such an umbrella word that without context you’d be lost as to what it means. People? Money? Equipment? Raw materials? It can mean anything. But that’s not the difficult part. Manag…

  Of late, almost all major shipping services across the world have faced some ‘challenges’ in deliveries due to lockdown restrictions in various countries. The reason behind this is the …

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Your Complete Guide to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction is an essential thing for which businesses work day and night to achieve. Understanding your customers, solving their problems, fulfilling their expectations all put together lead to satisfied | más

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