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How To View Private Instagram Profiles Online: The Truth

Dec 04, 2019

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Instagram’s user base is growing every month, we live in the era of social media and many people are unsatisfied with the lack of new features on Instagram and they are turning to unofficial and unauthorized methods in order to find out how to view private Instagram profiles online. Here’s everything you need to know about these methods.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a platform that you can use to share your photos with the world. The characteristic feature is the square format to which the photographs are adapted. Instagram has many filters that make our art more attractive. This free app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Instagram was founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The application name is derived from the combination of the words instant camera and telegram. The accounts are held by individuals, celebrities (most followed users on IG) and companies that promote their activities in this way. 

Authors of the most popular profiles often receive opportunities to earn money, e.g. by promoting a product on their profiles. They can also sell their photos. Currently Instagram is available in 33 languages and belongs to Facebook Corporation. It also briefly cooperated with Twitter.

How Do Private Profiles On Instagram Work?

By default, your Instagram account is publicly visible. All the photos and videos we upload to Instagram are visible to everyone who enters our profile. However, not everyone wants their profile to be public. There is a solution for such people – setting their account as private.

When you switch your IG account to private, the content of your profile will be available only to your accepted followers. No one who isn’t following you will be able to see any picture or video on your profile unless they find a working Private Instagram Viewer, but that’s not an easy task and most people are unable to do so. Only your username, description and profile picture will be displayed to others if your profile is not public.

Your consent will be required for someone to become your follower. This works in the same way as, for example, adding friends to Facebook. 

If someone tries to follow you, you will have an option to either accept or deny their request. Or you can just ignore it. People you do not accept will only see the message “This account is private” when they enter your profile.

How To View Private Instagram Accounts In 2020

I have seen many people claiming that it is possible to easily access profiles set as private on Instagram and see their photos, I was intrigued and decided to investigate and I already know it’s possible, but in most cases it’s not that easy to view private IG profile if you don’t follow it, if you want to do it in a safe way then it does certainly take some time and knowledge.

The most legitimate methods are especially tiring and can take a lot of effort and time, whereas the fastest ways to see a private Instagram account can become quite annoying and unsafe. In TechSpunk we are going to save you the biggest headache associated with this topic – learning what works and what doesn’t.

Be careful though, there are sites that “offer” you a way to view private Instagram accounts but ask you to provide your password, so the profile that is vulnerable is yours and not the one of the user you want to access. Never give your password to anyone.

You Could View Them By Searching Hashtags

Yes, when you post your photos or videos and place hashtags, your photos can be viewed by the public, even if your profile is set to private. Of course, finding someone through a hashtag is a tedious and time-consuming process, because the search is sequential and is photo by photo.

If this user whose photos you want to see does not get many likes you will find it difficult to find their post through the tagging method.

On the other hand you should know their preferences to know what hashtag to look for, as well as knowing that the feed is constantly updated so that the photo you are looking for can simply “get lost” in the content of users who have posted more recently.