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Sunset Desert Safari

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Tips for desert safari dubai

Aug 31, 2020

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Dubai is the land of vast desert and huge malls. One cannot deny the fact that this traditional desert is also one of the best megacities we have in today's world. It is the malls and vast deserts of Dubai that tend to attract thousands of tourists around the year. So, the adventure activities and everything around Dubai is surely one crazy ride.

The desert safari Dubai is one of the most popular attractions owing to the different desert sports and adventure activities such as sand bashing, quad biking and so much more. At the same time, we cannot rule out the popularity of tamoura dances, luxurious buffets and henna art. The hot weather will surely bother you but you need to be the least affected by it.

If you know when is the perfect time to visit Dubai, you will surely have the best experience. Moreover, in the right season, you will also get access to different desert safari deals. If you have been planning to visit Dubai for desert safari, here are some of the tips that can help you have a great, fun and adventurous trip.

Best time of the year

If you want to visit Dubai for the popular desert safari, then November to March is the perfect season. The temperature is the most comfortable during this time with not more than 55 degree centigrade.

Apart from desert safari, you can also get the chance to explore the megacity of Dubai too. There are several multistar restaurants and malls that provide you a comfortable experience. Since the sun can cause severe skin damage, it is suggested to wear comfortable clothes.

The footwear is one of the most important ones to notice. Hence, it is extremely necessary to choose shoes that can be easily taken off so that you can have fun in the desert. It is better to wear sandals while on your desert safari because they can be easily taken off and the sand can be removed.

Adventure sports

Compared to all the other regions, the desert safari in Dubai is one of the most extensive ones due to the vast desert and beautiful blue sky. Such a view is often not noticed across different areas.

If you are hitting for a desert safari tour in Dubai you need to be extremely careful of what accessories you are carrying. Apart from the general water and snacks, you should make sure to carry a hat, scarf and some cash. The sun in the desert is very hot so make sure to have a sun protect lotion and sunscreen that can protect you against the damage due to sunburn.

While all the above-mentioned aspects are important, you shouldn't miss out on your camera.

How to find the perfect deal?

The Sunset Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the extensive companies offering great desert safari deals.

If you have been planning your trip for long, you need to set out on it. Also, amidst the chaotic coronavirus, Dubai tourism is open. So, you can follow all the precautions and set out on your small adventure.

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