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Sunset Desert Safari

sunsetdesert|United Arab Emirates

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What to expect for a desert safari tour in Dubai?

Aug 05, 2020

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What is your trip to Dubai if you didn't take a desert safari tour? Desert safari is one of those tours that is taken seriously. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Dubai. If you want to have a closer look of the Dubai weather, go out for dune bashing or desert safari. Honestly, you are going to have an experience of a lifetime.


The golden dunes of the Arabian desert will always take you by surprise. Moreover, it has a range of activities such as camel ride, dune bashing, sandboarding and so much more. Desert safari in Dubai is considered to be the standard culturally rich tour options. This is mostly because Dubai desert safari has a range of activities while you can opt to watch the traditional belly dance with tanoura performers and relish the sumptuous dinner.


When you opt for desert safari in Dubai, the tour guide would pick you up from the desert. The lovely view of the desert would be something to look forward to. Also, the enchanting landscapes have any spellbinding geography that can enhance your entire desert safari tour experience. desert safari dubai


Sand Dune Bashing

Going for sand dune bashing for the first time for a desert safari tour in Dubai? You will need to take care of your safety. Normally, sand dune bashing is the first activity that one relishes on while going for desert safari in Dubai.


Sunset Desert Safaris bring some of the coolest desert safari deals. Your driver will take you to the specific spot and throughout the way, you will have the option to relish on some Arabic music.


Camels Up Close

You get the option to closely interact with the animals as well. You have the option to visit the traditional camel farm where you get to experience the most.


Camels are considered to be pride in Dubai, which is why you will have an option to enjoy camel rides. Moreover, when you are going for camel rides in the traditional farm, you will also have the option to learn a lot about the different types of camels. Also, don't forget to check out the balancing acts performed by the traditional performers. desert safari deals


Dinner, Tanoura Dance and Belly Dance

These are the must haves for a desert safari in Dubai. Once you have had your share of adventures, the night time is for relaxation. Hence, you can set out for grilled barbecues around a campfire. Sunset Desert Safaris organized tanoura performances. Moreover, you also get the option to enjoy belly dance.


Everyone is familiar with the popular Shisha or Hookah. During desert safaris, you will have the option to relish this as well. Dubai is extremely popular for its Henna designs. Do you want to get one? You have the option to get one of these at the camps.


The camps are more like a relaxing space where you can enjoy most of your time to settle down. Also, you have the option to lie under the starry sky. Enjoy your desert safari.


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