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Resorts in Andaman for a romantic honeymoon

Sep 23, 2019

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. The tropical weather, stunning beaches, clear blue skies and the extension of the water is an ecstatic sight that lays a foundation for the newlyweds to rejuvenate and spend some time in seclusion. The resorts of Andaman with their luxury rooms, decorated beds, an array of services, private beaches and more can make the travelers spoilt for choice. While some are great with locations, others have a whole different appeal with their services and décor.

The resorts in Andaman define the experience of the couples through their candle-light dinner arrangements, spa sessions, private beaches and more. From pocket-friendly to luxury, the resorts in Andaman can help you book for one of the most beautiful holidays in this surreal archipelago. Here are some of the resorts that are great for a romantic honeymoon in Andaman!

Sea Shell Havelock

90 minutes Catamaran ride from port Blair, the Havelock Islands is a popular destination in Andaman. And the Sea Shell Havelock is a luxury resort with wooden cottages, natural greenery and azure view of the sea. The luxury cottage rooms overlook the stunning view of the coconut trees, water splashes, etc while being connected to a variety of services making the holiday joyous. The fine dine restaurant serves the finest of food and the open Fluidz bar is known for its head-spinning mocktails and cocktails for a beautiful evening spent by the beach. And because Havelock Islands is popular for its water sports and activities, there cannot be a better place to lounge in Andaman.

Sea Shell Neil

Hidden amidst the greenery surrounding the Laxmanpur beach, the Sea Shell Neil is a resort bringing together the villa style of living with up-market amenities. The vintage styles resort with its luxury cottages is styled with vintage décor and equipped with new-age amenities for a comfortable stay. Nestled in the greenery of the Andaman jungles, the resort has a range of spa services, swimming pool, activity centers, fitness halls, etc for the couples to rejuvenate. The resort is also close to the popular water sports centers to sign up for scuba diving sessions, snorkeling, boat rides and more. Spend time swinging by the hammock of the cottages or take a walk at the Laxmanpur beach – this resort brings every delight of Andaman together!

TSG Blue Resort

For a taste of elegance in the surreal beauty of Andaman, the TSG Blue Resort is the perfect place to book. The spacious rooms reverberate royal style of living with its collectible decors, exuberant style and range of services. The whole resort holds a touch of royalty and history while being designed with modern elements and services. You can dine like royalty at its restaurants or unleash at its spa rooms and lounging spaces. This leisure resort is just a short ride away from the glorious Radhanagar beach and about 90-minute catamaran ride from Port Blair. As you cut away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this beautiful resort gives you quality time to spend with your spouse.

Haywizz, Havelock Island

A new resort opened at the Havelock Island is for the couples who don’t want to negotiate on their luxury lifestyle in the tropical paradise of Andaman. With luxury rooms equipped with modern amenities, the resort brings together a range of indulgences for the couple to unleash in the beautiful surroundings. Spa lounges, swimming pools, fitness centers, etc form part of the itinerary while also giving exclusive private time to explore the jungles and the beaches.

Fortune Resort Bay Island

To celebrate the immaculate blue water of the Bay of Bengal, the Fortune Resort at the North Bay Island of Andaman is a blissful experience. This is a 5-star resort with over 45 rooms catering to a royal stay for the honeymoon couples. The surrounding palm trees, greenery, and glimpses of the unending waterfront give a glorious view of the Andaman while soaking in luxury inside the resort. The couples can have a great time exploring the touristy places like Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Mini Zoo, Cellular Jail, etc nearby. With a variety of activity centers and rejuvenation halls, this resort entails a complete holidaying experience.

Coral Cove Hotels and Resorts

The luxury resort of Coral Cove Hotels and Resorts is located in one of the most engaging areas of Port Blair. This stunning resort with a rugged view of the coastline entails a luxury stay with its comforting rooms and tech-savvy amenities. Near to the airport, this resort is known for its indulgent stay that includes access to the swimming pools, spa centers, yoga sessions, fitness programs and walk by the beach through its doorway to the rugged coastline. Visit the Marina Park, cellular jail, water sports complex, etc gets easy too. Coral Cove hotels are a popular honeymooning destination entailing complete holiday experience for the guests.

Munjoh Ocean Resort

The Munjoh Ocean Resort is a 5-star resort with its luxury cottage-style rooms and private beach. For couples longing for some alone time in this tropical holiday destination, the exotic experiences come to life. The vivid luxury suites and villas extend a rejuvenating stay that is equipped with indulgences like Jacuzzi, spa rooms, rejuvenation centers, swimming pool, private dinner nights, etc. The spectacular view of the Andaman from the resort and the comforting extension of the beach to spend quality dinner time by the beach, and relax with your partner makes for an exclusive honeymooning experience at the Andaman. Due to its proximity to the popular beaches like Radhanagar, Elephant beach, laxmanpur beach, and Govind Nagar beach – this beautiful resort is one of the most booked resorts in Andaman.


When planning a honeymoon at the Andamans, the luxury offerings of the resorts here are a must. Be it the stunning location, luxury indulgences or the comforting rooms – couples can have a great time at these beautiful resorts that entail complete privacy and rejuvenation!