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Earnest  Gonzales


Thank you for your grace Lord

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The Campus Ministry that I am supporting (Christ in Central Luzon Campus Ministry) will be holding it's annual University-wide Bible Quiz in Central Luzon State University. Please stand |más

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Happy at 22

Apr 19, 2010

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This is my first year to celebrate my birthday away from my family. I'm getting older now and I'm living independently for almost a year. I'm expecting that in the coming years things will change and some things will never be the same again.

I'm thankful to our good Lord for adding another year into my life. I am also grateful for all those blessings that He is bringing. Few more years and who knows? I might be a daddy then. But of course I'm not rushing things out and I'm still patiently waiting and praying for God's plans including of course having a relationship.

Now, I am already 22 and I am happy. Honestly, I am excited for the lessons that I'm gonna learn in the coming years. I'm continuously praying for our good Lord's leading in my life. May I always be guided by God's wisdom, truth and grace. Truly, I am nothing without Him. He's been so good and faithful to me though sometimes I still have some lapses. Truly there's no greater love than His.

I love you Lord. May you continue to lead me and may You always be glorified in everything that I do.